Violet Augustine is Multi-Hyphenate Mami: author, artist, podcaster & punk-rock-futurist with a green 7-string. From the Cuban diaspora, she's in the process of relocating to Los Angeles, CA. 


Her speculative short fiction and stage plays often include the taboo, surreal, and supernatural, due to her fascination with states of consciousness, and the woven, tantric nature of being. Her creative non-fiction and poetry often include the political history of gendered issues, the philosophy of law, and the ways in which political forces shape our culture. Basically, how law served as a viral social technology before social media.

Her short documentary, Bárbaro, is about her dad’s experience as a first-generation Cuban-American. She has also created experimental videos including a collaboration with Hilly Holsonback, two music videos, more than eight songs, three NFT collections, a podcast with listeners in nine countries, over a dozen poems, three short stories, the first of which was published in June of ‘21, and a 1/1 human named Isa - all while working full-time and single-parenting.

She's received many awards and honors for her writing and speaking and has experience in translation. She sings, if you could call it that, and plays guitar and drums. She has a masters from UT Dallas where she took courses in Lit & Politics, Gender & Historical studies, and has an interest in restorative justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion.